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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

Okay, so instead of having a gigantic post with all my New Years resolutions that I will never actually follow or accomplish I'm going to post what I've said the last couple of years and then just write another one. Off we go:

January 7, 2008

Weird, it’s 2008. Another pointless year has passed by. Dull as dish water, I’ll say. Nothing happened…oh wait, some stuff did happen:


1. Rejecting Dylan…and then falling helplessly in love with him.

2. The last day of school: the two hours spent with Andres and Eric will forever go down as some of the funniest and most memorable minutes of my life, and most enjoyed.

3. Asking Eric out and actually having feelings for him.

4. Going to Europe (no shit) and having a blast.

5. Being at the Wired Monk for the Their There thing and being the happiest I’ve ever felt and feeling so at peace as we belted out ‘Hey Jude’. Has gone down as THE most memorable moment in my life…so far.

6. All the mornings spent with Christine, Lauren and Laura.

7. Being in a class with a bunch of rowdy boys, learned a lot about myself and had a bunch of fun.

Thanks Guys and Everyone. You mean so much to me. High School has been so much fun and you made it that way. You all have a place in my heart and I will never, ever forget any of you.

Now it’s a new year and new memories will be made and new things to write about…nothing yet, but who knows what’s going to happen. In three weeks the new semester starts and so new classes are coming with new teachers and new people, or old people. I’m actually stoked for it. And well I really can’t wait for this semester to be over. I might jump for joy once I’ve finished my math provincial I’ll be so happy, second that for my Spanish final as well.

Well unfortunately I do have to go to bed, even though I am not the least bit tired, but it is school tomorrow, the first day back after our two week winter break, so I do need to turn my light off.


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