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Thursday, October 29, 2009


So, I'm sitting in front of my friends computer and I don't know why I am here. I'm here because of fucking habit. I'm tired, getting into a disagreement with another friend and its fucking Thursday and 11 o'clock. WHY AM I HERE?!?!?

This blows. I feel incredibly out of place in the house I should feel completely at ease.

They are talking about things, that I can't put an input and they don't care. At all. And it sucks. I know it is my turn to be this one, but still it's really hurting and I don't want it to.

That first part was written a while ago and now I am better. Went to the counsellor yesterday and she said I did incredibly well considering my age (17). And today my Spanish teacher told me word for word, "I'm not giving up on you!" As I was leaving the class! I WAS SO HAPPY! I'm getting 57.6% in the class, i was getting 45 something-or-rather a couple weeks before. This week has been so awesome so far. Oh I also reconciled with my long time ex BF G. Yet he kind of confessed his undying love for me, not so into that. I don't re-date, just one of my many rules. I just don't go for the sloppy seconds, its kinda pitiful in my books. Though it really depends on the person. For G, no I would NOT get back together. Our relationship ended for a reason and those reasons are still there. Sorry Honey, not going to happen.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Me and My Sister in 20 Years

Guess who is who?

She sat in front of her sipping the delicate foam from atop the café latte out of the round Starbucks cup. The French manicured hand flipped pages of the Georgia Straight in a frustrated manor. A sigh breached her painted lips.
“So, what have you been up to?” Her irritation swept through each word as her right hand slammed the paper closed.
She stuttered an answer forward. “I…well…you know. In my field it’s kinda slow sometimes.” She scrapped the back of her calf with her hiker.
The other nodded in agreement as she stared diligently at her sister. The small coffee steamed up onto her glasses fogging them adding to her unclean demeanour. A dirty flannel t-shirt slung over the back of the chair uncovered a bland white tank draping her too thin body.
They were the complete opposite.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It is what it is.


the Unconventional Girl

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Another Week

Okay so this week has been interesing. One: got a mild concussion on the weekend. Two: am feeling totally alienated from my two best buds, C and S, which blows!!! Erm what else sucks in my life. Oh! Bingo!! No body fucking listens to me. Okay j get it I'm a nieve little high school chick pleading to be understood. Just to clearify, I'm not looking to be understood I'm looking for some one to listen!!! Listening and understanding are completely different. I don't care if you get what I'm saying as long as you'll let me say it. If that is to much to ask for, sorry for being such a fucking insignicant waist of time. See you the after life fuckers.

Ps: just had a bad blow out at my dad. We don't always get along. Suppressed anger? Just a possibility.


the Unconventional Girl

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend hell

Another day in fucking paradise... Not! Guess what? I got concussed over the weekend!! Oh yeah! So much fun. So what happend was I went to a soccer game, my own, and played in goal for half of it. Then I played out as a midfielder for the second half. During the last 20 minutes or so I had a ball to the head twice, both tines from close rang blasts!! I'm talking seriously hard kicks here. Then I was tackled, yes there is tackling in soccer and landed on my head. It was fun trying to stand after that.

So today I got to my friend S's for our morning ritual and I told her everything. Afterwhich I realized I'd be useless at school and stayed at her house and slept for the first two blocks, Spanish and writing. Both classes I need to get into the prohlgeam I want but I can make up what ever I missed.

Anyways, I have to write a poem - which I will post - on my version or vision if what hell is. By the by this is for my lit class. IT IS AWESOME!! so yeah. See yeah.


the Unconventional Girl

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meeting Me

Well, for one I am starting anotther frigging blog with well. Anyways, that really isn't that important. At the moment I am undernethe a desk pretending to be stuck in a fucking earthquake. This sucks. And now we are listening to the really odd noises of fake earthquakes. Woot... counting up? Weren't we always supposed to count down? Oh well.

Wow nothing today has been at all important. I've done well in Spanish since the beginning of the year. Which is ridiculous because I suck at all languages except for english which - not to blow my own horn- but I kinda kick ass at anything english related. Though this blog might not show it at all because my grammar on this thing sucks and i'm using a hell load of teenage slang.


At my friend Saf's house about to go see Where The Wild Things Are. It's going to be great!!

Must go

Such Stuff that SUCKS

Okay, so its a new day which most likely means its a shittier one. Yesterday I was at soccer practice and it SUCKED! Not just because it was effing cold out , no no, it was because I played horrifically bad. Not only could I not shoot worth a crap but I couldn't pass, dribble - yes there is dribbling in soccer - nothing. Anyways, soccer blew but before I went to soccer I saw D. Oh D. My old grade 9 would have been boyfriend if I hadn't been a complete image obsessed goody-too-shoes. I'll tell yalls the story: Picture this: Me, little grade 9 misfit, slammed into a class full of guys. I was pretty much the only chick in the class unless you counted the 3 asian girls that did nothing and barely showed up, which I don't. So, I'm meshes in with these six guys: D, Julian, Andrew, Oliver, Jacob and Sam. They were all really awesome. Though, I already sort of had a past with D. We had stupid grade 8 crushes on each other, which don't count at all.
From the beginning, D and I had a conection. We held the group together, we made it one. Also, I kept them all in check most of the time, I was there in class mother. So as a group we became pretty close but D and I got really close untill he finally spewed and asked me out.
Now this is when I fucked up. I told him yes yt then got sick and the next time I saw him I told him actually couldn't go out with him. I broke his frigging heart.
The most unfortunate thing about the entire experience is that I told him no eventuiugh I still had major feelings for him and still do. When ever I see him all I cab thinn is "thank god he is still alive" Its terrible.

Well what can I do now. I can sleep now.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Beginning

Well, what can I say. I'm the usual teenage girl of this time, tired techno wizard and some one who is completely dependent on technology. We suck. We're silly nieve little children scampering around like we either know everything or know nothing. Oh how we have devolved.

Oh fuck, it's really late.