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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Le boyfriend


Oh my good lord! I have a 6 foot 7 blond, bomb shell for a boyfriend! God damn!

Wow, awesome! Just pure awesome!
He constantly wants to: i wanna come over so you can lay next to me and i can hold you!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okay so for the next three days I am going to rant about:

Yes I have a problem with all three of those.
I'll be starting tomorrow if anyone cares :D

Monday, March 1, 2010


Okay, so other than quoting ratatouille for my title, GAH-HA! I'm so messed right now. I think I had the worst weekend known to man kind, yet it was still awesome!Met a really awesome person, realised I REALLY didn't want to date my girl crush and found out my ex is still a fucking whore. ALL THE WHILE DEALING WITH REALLY DRUNK PEOPLE!! UGH!! Sometimes I hate teenage years.

Anyways, everything else is pretty mediocre. the most interesting thing is that I've constanty been texting this guy. UGH, such sillyness.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


To bring a bit of reality to the bubbling bull-shit that is Valentines day, here's a poem:

Come deem our civilization

To that it which it wont want to be

A fiction

A fantasy


Something that cannot be

Something that will not be

Something that we as ourselves cannot even grasp

Fight to live

Fight to be human


Feed the lives

Feed the ties

Feed the lies

Which hold our humans together

Our Humanoid conspiracies

We refuse to see

Deemed contradictory

Can’t you breath?

Can’t you see?




All the senses





6 Billion human beings

One of which will change our lives

Change is in our grasp

Can you touch it?

Can you feel it?

Will you hold out your palm?

Will you raise it?

Reconstitute the destitute

Rebirth our souls

Rebirth our morals

Forget war

Feel the blood on our hands

We are our own bands

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I really want cake... damn you Ultimate Cake Off and lack of sleep. Okay I have cake in my freezer and cake mix but I don't want to make a mess and I don't know if I'm allowed to eat the cake in the freezer./.....GARG!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm wallowing in my own self defeat
crying to the long lost footsteps of past
I plead with you to come back
But no one will return my lost echo

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Messed UP!

Okay so bringing yalls up to speed. I AM A WHORE! Holy shit! I actually don't know what is wrong with me!!! Okay so the story, last night I was at a party with my friends and stuff and I got really high - actually not that high but a couple to many tokes. Anyways, I was also fairly drunk or tipsy, and well I kissed and confronted the girl I like and then hooked up with my ex, kissed a good friend and also kissed another good friend. I AM A WHORE! DEAR LORD! and then tonight, instead of going and hanging out with my other friends I chose to invite my ex over, cuz we agreed to be friends with benefits (WHAT??), and we made out fro about three hours... I FAIL!!! Oh and I'm doing this while I'm fawning over this AMAZING girl I realllllllly like! Oh god, she's so amazing! She's beautiful, funny okay HILARIOUS, intelligent, she laughs at my really bad jokes and I believe she likes me to. I think, but all she is saying is that she is CONFUSED!! UGH! (she has never had anyone be so upfront about liking her, I DON"T KNOW WHY! She is so glorious!

Okay, anyways, thats the past 42 hours of my life, great huh? I just keep fucking myself over. I know I should stop with the friends with benefits but until i know what is going on with my crush, WHY NOT? I know it's a bad view point but i even talked to her about it's not a bad thing, just if she's not cool with it I'll stop. But she hasn't said anything about it other than no its okay but should I just trust my instincts and stop it? WHat do I DO!!?!?!? I NEED A COUNCELORS APOINTMENT!! Dear lord, and I thought grade 12 wouldn't be so fucked up...well, I was wrong.

The Current Fucked Up Me:
Current Muse: Stars, Radiohead, Disney, Muse
Current Boyfriend: no
Current Girlfriend: Hopefully A!
Current Relationship Status: Having a FWB and a major crush
Current Weight: okay, but I still want to lose some weight
Current Happiness Level: Not good!
Current Awake-ness Level: Pretty good
Current Employment: Slave to Meat
Current Writing Status: starting second chapter of The Unknown
Current I-Feel-Fab-About-Life-In-All-Ways Level: Shit

Ophelya = depressed, suppressed sexuallity and urges mixed with utter stupidity UGH!!!

My life is turning into a soup opera!