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Sunday, January 3, 2010

a New Year 2009 into 2010

I don't even know what day it is....(moments to find out the date) ah, January 3rd, 2010....OH MY F******* GOD!

Okay, 2010, I can handle this. Okay, important events and all that jazz in my life this past year:

  1. Broke up with Greg, sorry Greg you just were a really bad bf and I could not handle two and a half hour conversations ever single night. Though it is nice that we are friends...sort of.
  2. Went to GIFTS, SUCH an awesome time, and I met Matt.
  3. Having my 'heart' broken by Matt in the middle of Vancouver when I was going to commit. That sucked but it needed to be done so that I know what I'm putting people through when I drop them on their asses unexpectedly. Thats all that a Break Up is, it is an unfortunate turn of completely unexpected and horrible words which happen to digest a relationship in three words: Sorry, its over.
  4. GETTING MY MAC! Yeah I know superficial and materialistic, but it is so pretty!!! I loves it (bad grammar).
  5. KICKING ass at the One Acts - school festival, my team and I did the 15 Minute Hamlet and it ROCKED!
  6. Ermmmmm.....OH! Coming up with the ideas for The Unknown and The Empire, two could be novels or screen plays - oh yeah that is hard to figure out.
I think that is it, I think. Of course I'll most likely think up seventeen hundred more things to thank in about 20 minutes. OH

  1. Okay, I can't change that to 8 but this is number 8: DOCTOR WHo! Thanks David Tennant for being awesome and creative and just a down right wicked actor in general. We shall miss seeing you as the Doctor but we - I guess all of your fans, not sure why I'm writing in second person - know you shall go on to do amazing things! Thanks!
Okay, thats it for now. I will post again on a later date in the year 20 fucking 10! Oh dear lord....

The Unconventional Girl

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