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Friday, October 16, 2009

Meeting Me

Well, for one I am starting anotther frigging blog with well. Anyways, that really isn't that important. At the moment I am undernethe a desk pretending to be stuck in a fucking earthquake. This sucks. And now we are listening to the really odd noises of fake earthquakes. Woot... counting up? Weren't we always supposed to count down? Oh well.

Wow nothing today has been at all important. I've done well in Spanish since the beginning of the year. Which is ridiculous because I suck at all languages except for english which - not to blow my own horn- but I kinda kick ass at anything english related. Though this blog might not show it at all because my grammar on this thing sucks and i'm using a hell load of teenage slang.


At my friend Saf's house about to go see Where The Wild Things Are. It's going to be great!!

Must go

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