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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drunk + Friend = BAD!

So recently I broke up with my boyfriend. Well not so much a boyfriend but a boy nuisance. This is how it we "hooked up"
I was at this party with a whole heck load of people; a lot of them were my friends, a lot weren't. anyway, so I start drinking and stuff - FYI I'm an uber light weight so by like two coronas I'm absolutely plastered, seriously. I get like 4 shots of whiskey, half a bear and a couple gluggs of vodka, so I'm WAY over my limit. Also, I drank all of that in a matter of around fifteen minutes. So, i walk away from the party, apparently I started running away...to make a long story short, I pretty much convinced one of my friends that I new liked me that i was in love with him, but i was so very drunk that you can't blame it on me. I can't remember even talking with him.
So anyways, I stayed with him for about three weeks just to see if I did actually like him at all, turned out I didn't also turned out that he was a complete ass hole. So, learned a lot and it was a very interesting 3 weeks, not fun but interesting.

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