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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I am seriously insane! Well, I'm not but I could be. Anyways, the reason why i am insane is because first: I'm in "love" with a fictional character - 10 guesses who - second because it took me five months to get a job. Despite all of that, I GOT A JOB. I'm so unbelievably happy - this is the part where, if you care enough, that you'd jump up and down and yell yay.
Anyways, that was yesterday (May 8th) and today is today - no shit - so. Today I am in Seattle!! WHOOP! The reason for my pilgrimage to Seattle is to first buy shoes for Junior Prom, second buy CD's at Easy Street records, thirdly because my mother and I have to house sit for my grandparents - not to jazzed about numero three.
Okay I'm really not into writing for this one, so I'm heading out.

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