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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fist Day

The title is spelled correctly don't worry.

Okay so, today was a fist day - a fist day is one in which you feel like you've been punch - and it was one because, well, I didn't win a contest. I know shallow right. I entered a writing contest at my school earlier this year. The piece I had put in wasn't one of my greatest by a freaking' long shot, but I still thought I had a good chance. Apparently not so much. At the end of the day, I was leaving to go to the Library down the hill from my school and my friend runs up and says "Our English teacher just told me - kind of she didn't say specifically but anyways - I won the writing contest." She’s all smiles and I feel like I've been punch. All I could say was good job and smile...and then quickly rush out of the school.

I feel so bad for feeling like I do, but it come with the skill. As I've said I'm a pretty good writer (I'll probably post a story or two) and I've been told, multiple times which I guess has gone to my head. So, when I hear someone who I know has done a better job than I have in the writing department, I'm crushed. I feel like screaming "I'M THE WRITER! NOT YOU! THIS IS MY JOB!" but of course I don't. Thank God for self-tact and discretion.


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