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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sad, very sad

I've been reading a heck load about meth and how it turns people upside down and into complete mental cases. Today I read all this personal stuff on this blog website (http://www.kci.org/meth_info/msg_board_posts/100105/meth_sores.htm) about tweeking and stuff. I wanted to know what it really was because I'm shooting a commercial and I need to act right. Well, I was just reading all these posts and people were talking about this stuff (meth) and how it isn't harmful at ALL! ARE THEY CRAZY?? i asked, and yes they are. The people who say : "oh i was on meth once but now I'm off. Oh yeah, tweeking and crank bugs, they're nothing. No worries about them." BULL SHIT!! Tweeking sucks. Its when someone is compulsively doing something because they're high on crank. Some of the stuff they do is they pick at their skin leaving gigantic hole like soars, that don't heal well at all.
It all just sucks in general, I can't wait till this commercial is over. I know I'm implying that I'll be turning a blind eye to this epidemic, but really what can I do? Shit all, is what.


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