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Monday, November 16, 2009

Whats New...?

As usual, nothing. Just hyped up watching Requiem at 12AM when I have school in 8 hours. Wow thats weird to think about, I'll have 6 hours of sleep and then school in 2. Ouch, Im going to crash. Oh well, i've gone on 2. This wont be that bad.
Though at the rate this stupid thing is loading I'll be sitting here until 6AM! WOOT!

Oh new found fantastic idol: Jared Leto. Man I love his acting also the fact that he stumbled into it. If only his music was as good as his acting. I dunno, 30 Seconds to Mars. They're good, just not fantastic...in the least. His melody stuff is great but not to keen on his screamo esc. Just doesn't float my boat. Nope , nope.

Everybody has to come down at some point
You can't fly forever
locked away in your beautiful fantasies
Nothing is always
Fleeting glimpses of future horror
If only you could see it is reality
Controlled by your pills and veins
Intravenous delinquents

Wow, first poem written in a while.

10 to one. I'm fucked.

okay, 1:30AM. TIRED!!!! And really shocked at how amazing requiem was. Chops to director and writer!!

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